Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Adi's Cook & Book

You know those places where the moment you go trough the door you already feel at home? Well, Adi's Cook & Book is one of those places for me. If I had to explain it using just one word it'd have to be "magical". It is a small bistro/bookstore and is located in an old building with lots of white furniture and pretty little details everywhere. It even has one of those old food elevators that to my surprise is working and is used by the staff all the time (on the right at the top picture).

I've been contemplating whether I should buy separate bookcases for my living area or just install shelves like the ones above. The second option is definitely better if you have high ceilings and want to use the whole space.

Cutest kitchen window ever!

This sitting area is one of my favourite. I think it works for your home too. Especially if you don't have much space. Think how much fun it will be to have your kids eat their breakfast there while you cook?

Besides the obvious reasons (providing ridiculously tasty cappuccino and lots of books to read while you enjoy it), the most important thing there is probably the character. There are so many little details that you discover as time goes by and it really shows how much care and love was invested in this place. It makes perfect sense that the owner of this place, Adi Tzanova, is a quite famous wedding planner.

This is quite funny. The bathroom doors don't really have a sign which one is for men and which one for women. Instead they put these little doll angels on each door - one dressed in a male suit and the other one - in a dress.

Maybe this is where I should remind you we don't have IKEA in Bulgaria (the first store is opening this summer) and the fact that most of the furniture is from it doesn't really bother anyone, even the opposite. I think it is a smart move because you get a unique and beautiful interior that not many people here have seen without investing too much money in furniture.

The only thing left for me to say is in a perfect world I would be staying in this place for days. It just completely stole my heart!

p.s. You can see many more photos on their facebook page including making of the interior.

Adi's Cook & Book)

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