Monday, February 21, 2011

Girl Crush

It's Monday again and as usual that means more work and less pleasure. Excuse my negativity but it's been snowing here all weekend and it still is and I really need some sunshine!

On the good side the weekend wasn't bad at all although spent mostly indoors. On Saturday we went to see "I am number four" with a couple of friends and went for drinks after that. The movie was surprisingly good, maybe that's due to my quite low expectations when it comes to the typical Hollywood blockbusters. But really, we all liked it, so I definitely recommend seeing it! The thing that I liked most about the movie though was Dianna Agron's character - Sarah and I suspect a lot of you will like her too. She was this lonely girl with the floral dress paired with a cute cardigan and a quite impressive collection of vintage film cameras. Like her already? I couldn't help but poke my boyfriend every now and then saying things like "Oh, look she has empty bird cages in her room like the one that I have! Oh, and paper cranes like the ones at home!" I still admire my boyfriend for not swithcing seats with someone else at the middle of the movie :D

Well, did anyone else see this movie/plan to see it? And how did your weekend go?

(Photo: IMDb)


Elena said...

Isn't that the girl from Glee???

iva yaneva said...

I don't watch Glee. But I think I read somewhere that she was in it, so yep.

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