Friday, February 18, 2011

Happy Friday!

My, I have become obsessed with growing flowers! I am buying new pots this weekend to put the hyacinths and the tulips from last year and I am getting some more hyacinths for the pot that I have (the one that's in it looks pretty lonely). I am contemplating whether I should get some more herb seeds for the kitchen but I think they are not supposed to be planted just yet so I might wait.

I am also going to see "I am number four" (I hope it's worth it) on Saturday and then on Sunday I'm going to the theater (my boyfriend chose the play since he knows I love going to the theater I don't even remember what we'll be watching).

So that's pretty much all of my plans for the weekend. Anything this weekend you are excited about?

(Photo: leuntje)

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Cristina said...

Hi! I wish I had a weekend like yours!! You're going to do several things that I love :) but I am too busy last weeks and weekends so I'm afraid that I have to stay at home and still working so still dreaming about the weekend which I can plan lot of activities! Thank you for your blog, I love it! Greetings from Spain.
PS. Sorry for my English :P

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