Thursday, February 17, 2011

My Home

I've got some progress to show you on redecorating my apartment. I finally got a table! Yay! I don't think I've shown you the couch as well, so there you go. I had been using a small table from my patio furniture for ever and working on it with my laptop was a huge pain in the ass. So I really needed a little bigger table that can fit my laptop plus some drawings next to it and it also had to be a little taller. I went through so many catalogs and I found nothing I like. I wanted it to be white and shiny and white furniture is pretty hard to find in Bulgaria! (Thank God IKEA is opening a store this summer!)

I finally liked the set of tables shown above and thought I can keep my laptop on one of them and something else on the other. Plus they are very compact and save up a lot of space. But when we went to get them they looked terrible, very low quality of material (well, that I kinda suspected because they were really cheap) so I gave them up. On my way out of the store though I saw another table that looked so much better and decided to get it.

I wanted it to be white because my floors are wooden and I thought if I get a carpet it can be some bright color. Plus I really like the glossy finish and placing colorful items on top of it.

As you can see my space is really small - that on the right is my bed! It's quite hard for me to photograph the whole room because I have nowhere to stand and my 50mm lens isn't helping.

I also got these colorful coasters from Buttlers and I love how much cheer they bring.

And last but not least, I got some flowers. I planted this baby last weekend and I can't believe it's blooming already! I also found out yesterday that my tulips and hyacinths from last year are actually still alive, I was so happy! Turns out I may not be as terrible at gardening as I always thought!

I also got some seeds - basil for the kitchen and lavender for the balcony. I'll show them to you when (if) they grow. I also want to get some other herbs for the kitchen - thyme and rosemary perhaps?

Do you grow any herbs or flowers at home?

(Photos: Iva Yaneva)


Patusibu said...

Oh! I love the poster, the table, the flowers.... have a lovely day!

Cinnamon said...

От всеки ъгъл лъха на уют и спокойствие, страхотно!

Rossitca said...

Здравей Ива, радвам се, че сподели снимки от дома ти. Много са хубави и е много уютно при теб.
Аз също се правя на градинар и отглеждам какво ли не на моята, не толкова слънчева тераса. Желая ти успех с цветната/билковата градинка!

iva yaneva said...

О, много сте мили! Благодаря :)
Росица, успех и на теб с цветята! Нямам търпение да се постопли времето, за да изчистя терасата и да закусвам навън!

Patusibu, thank you, dear! xo

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