Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Stamp Carving Week!

I have always loved stamps and how much fun they are both to make and use. But to be honest, I always found it very hard to make them. I have tried so many times. I thought the carving tools I had weren't good or the eraser was too soft, something was just not working.

So when I saw that Ishtar Olivera was having a whole week of stamp carving tutorials I just had to try one last time. You can see the result for yourself but I am really happy how it all turned out. I was having so much fun I even stamped on some of my architectural drawings and made wrapping paper. Isn't it pretty? Plus it's great for the environment!

If you have ever had any trouble making stamps I suggest you go take a look at Ishtar's blog. She has explained everything in details and if you follow the instructions you might end up with some really cute stamps by the end of the day. And it's so much fun!

Oh, and don't forget to show us the results! Have a great day, dear friends! xo

(Photos: Ishtar Olivera; Iva Yaneva)


La Boheme said...

The results are amazing! I love the little worn look in combination with your choice of colors....really fun project idea indeed. xoxo

Ивейн said...

Много вдъхновяващо!
Благодаря за споделеното!
Много ефектно и оригинално ти се е получило с чертежа, Ива! Какво изобилие ми се намира, иде ми да те разпрегръщам!

Patusibu said...

wuau!!! me encanta!!!!!

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