Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Lovely Weekend and Take a Cake

Hello, dear friends! How was your week? I finally finished my project and got an A (yay!) I've been trying to catch up on sleeping this past weekend hence the lack of posts over here.

Last weekend we went to Take a Cake. It's a very tiny (but oh, so cute!) bakery for nothing but cupcakes! Dream come true, right? You absolutely have to see the interior by studio Funkt, it so pretty! They also made most of the furniture and the lights made of empty jars are so my next DIY project! I feel like a happy little girl walking inside this place!

Our favourite cupcakes were without a doubt the carrot and raisin ones.

On my way home I bought some tiny flowers from an old lady. I can't stop looking at them, they make me so happy! I prefer pretty spring flowers to the big expensive rose bouquets. They just have so much more character, don't you agree?

Take a Cake's website / blog / facebook.
(Photos: Iva Yaneva)


alli/hooray said...

Iva, those cupcakes look so good I could eat one right now! And the flowers...just as pretty. Congrats on your A too :)

Alice said...

adorable cupcakes! i'd have trouble stopping at just eating one at a time!

didem said...

It is very small and pretty place. I havent known this place before. Firstly i saw its name in the 50 places of sofia design week. And its cupcakes are delicious.

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