Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Spring Colours Week: Pink!

Hello, everyone! I hope you are having a lovely week! Mine has been quite busy as I already mentioned but it has also been very productive. My project is due tomorrow (wish me luck!) and I still have a few things to fix before I can say I'm ready, but after I met my teacher today I am quite calm and confident.

This photo was a bit easier to shoot probably because I had more pink objects to choose from. The book is the Bulgarian translation of "Little Women" (my favourite book as a kid!). I got it for my 10 years old niece, I hope she reads it and likes it as much as I did. I got it from an open-air book market in the park this weekend. I know - books and parks go so well together! I don't really like the cover though, but it was the only one I could find in months! The previous edition (the one that I've read) had beautiful pictures on the cover and it only made me like the book even more. I remember I was trying to guess which girl from the book is which one from the cover. If this is not a proof how powerful a book cover could be then I don't know what is :)

For more info on the objects and to see bigger visit my flickr.
And of course to join Spring Colours Week visit poppytalk.

Iva Yaneva)


Swiss said...

hi there just found your blog, beautiful everything!

Raya said...

готин блог;))

ако те интересува другата седмица правим импровизирана блогър среща. можеш да ме намериш във facebook - Raya Bozhkova:))

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