Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Facing Reality

Every year when summer comes I promise myself I will keep blogging regularly and every year I break my promise. It's been a wonderful summer for me (and I hope you too) and I believe part of its beauty was me being able to get away from my computer and spend more time with my closest friends and family. I have missed you though. Each of your comments and emails made me smile and feel guilty about leaving you at the same time. And now that school is back on I once again feel the need to sit here and talk to you, share my thoughts and inspirations.

What I've been doing for the past few months.
I got a job at an architecture/interior design studio. It was a great for me to be doing something related to my profession and work on real projects. My colleagues were lovely, plus it was great not asking my parents for money and actually living on my own (even though I really had to cut on some expenses). I got my last paycheck yesterday, since school already begun and I really have to focus on my graduation work.

I also discovered crossfit. I've been working out a lot, eating healthy and feeling and looking better than ever. I met a lot of nice people at my crossfit workouts and we have even gone for a couple of trips together (last one in Greece a couple of weeks ago). I also tried out rock climbing, got back to playing tennis and started going to yoga classes.

What I'm doing now.
Worrying about the future mostly. It is my last semester at school and to be honest - I'm terrified. Things are not so good here - there are not much job offers and they are very low paid, since there are too many people unemployed and ready to work for less. A lot of my friends at uni are either already abroad or are in the process of leaving. Me? I'm not sure I can afford to go study abroad right now and postponing my graduation and finding a real job is not my best option. Plus I will be having a masters degree in less than a year, so there's really no point wasting time and money just to have another one from a different university.

It's really hard having a creative profession but I guess most of you already know that. I have been doing research on my graduation project (a student campus) and I am terrified to start. Based on my last project everyone expects me to think of some cool and interesting concept (including my teacher) and nothing really comes to me. My mind is totally empty and it scares me I won't be able to do anything good. I guess Elizabeth Gilbert's Ted talk explains all these feelings pretty well. Watch it if you have time, it is truly inspiring!

Well, that's all I have to say right now. I can't promise you I will be here again tomorrow and I can't promise what I might be writing about. But it's sure good to know I can always pour my thoughts here. And if you are reading these words, then thank you for listening!

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alli/hooray said...

Glad to see a new post from you, Iva! Sounds like a busy but great summer - I hope you can find some clarity soon about your future plans. (I've watched that TED talk from Gilbert a few times - it always inspires me.)

Daniel329 said...

Welcome back

Cinnamon said...

Oh, I'm so glad you're back!

Absolutely Organic Girl said...

Happy to read you today! I think I'm on the same situation... find a job, final projects, studying abroad or not to :S but this is a good way to share our fears and feel better about them, because we are not alone :)

Elena @ The Art of Making a Baby said...

YAY, Iva is alive!!!!

Don't worry so much girl! You're smart, you're talented- something will always come up! Talented people always get opportunities.

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