Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Fingers Crossed

Hey, how's your week so far? Mine has been quite crazy but also productive. I've been meaning to share a few cool things with you and I hope to do it by the end of the week.

And for now, I need you all to wish me good luck because tomorrow is my final (8hr!!) exam before graduating as an architect. Fingers crossed?


(Photo: Iva Yaneva)


Sony Music said...


GOOD LUCK, well I think you don't need to be lucky, you're so talented and that's enough!!!! :)

iva yaneva said...

Aw, this totally made my day! I was just going to bed when I read your comment:) Thank you! xo

Ballad of Seasons said...

oh hope everything went well!
xoxo, Betül

Daniel329 said...

Where's Iva?

281401 said...

the shoes are nice!

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