Monday, September 24, 2012

Beautiful Mountains and Crazy Storms

I'm back from my trip in the mountains. Boohoo! Well, not really - it was great relaxing for a few days but I'm glad I'm back and ready to actually do something. Everyone did a great job working out twice a day, while I was mainly sleeping, taking pictures, eating junk food (my poor tummy!) and spending time at the hotel spa. I'm all relaxed and ready to get back to work now.


I love the view of mountains, it's so relaxing. The weather was insanely windy half the time but we managed to get out and enjoy the sun.

Wearing a plaid shirt from House and black leggings from Calliope

Casual OOTD: Shirt: House; Leggings: Calliope

Coffee and dessert at Kempinski Grand Arena Bansko

A bit of a boring post, I know, haha. Boyfriend is going to Vienna for a couple of days for work, so I'll be visiting my parents for a few days. I have some work to do while I'm there but hopefully I'll manage to do something more exciting than that too.

How was your weekend?

(Photos: Iva Yaneva)


Jane said...

Lovely pictures! I like your shirt, too <3

iva yaneva said...

Thanks so much! xo

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