Thursday, September 20, 2012


Packing clothes and make-up for the weekend

I've been working quite a lot these past few days, hence the lack of posts. I haven't had time or anything interesting to share really. I'm super excited to leave for the mountains for a few days. We go on these "bootcamps" every couple of months with a group of friends from crossfit. We eat good food, train and have a lot of fun. This time I won't be working out though, because of my back problems, but good food, great people and lots of fun - yes, please!

Packing clothes for the weekend
Packing healthy snacks for the trip

Healthy snacks are a must! I packed some grapes and raw nuts. Yum!

Having breakfast at Green Deli Cafe, Sofia

Yesterday I found this great new cafe called Green Deli Cafe. It's near my place and near a subway station too, which makes it very convenient. The girls that work there told me they make the sandwiches every morning, so everything is fresh. Mine was really yummy, so I came back this morning to get some for me and boyfriend for the trip, as well as a big cup of coffee. They also have soups, salads and sweets.

Coffee to go from Green Deli Cafe, Sofia

What are your plans for the weekend?


Thea said...

Can you please tell me more about these bootcamps? I'm from Bulgaria too and I've never heard of them, but it sounds exciting and I'd like to try!

iva yaneva said...

Thea, организира го треньорът ми по кросфит и приятелката му. Ходим веднъж на 2-3 месеца, за по един уикенд обикновено, тренировките са по 2 пъти на ден. Потърси групата "Тренировки в парка" във facebook и ще намериш повече информация къде се тренира по принцип и кога ще бъде следващият bootcamp. :)

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