Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Pink & Yellow

Healthy breakfast: yogurt, apple, green tea, raw nuts

Great day today, my niece is visiting tonight and she'll be staying till Saturday. I love her and I've really missed her in the past few weeks. Time to catch up before she gets back to school on Monday.

I wanted to make something sweet for her so I used this recipe and made Salted Caramel Chocolate Chips. The caramel turned out amazingly good, I highly recommend making it if you are into caramel. I skipped the white sugar and mine turned out a little bit runny but after a few hours in the fridge it's all good! I now have two jars filled with caramel, haha. I should think of some way to use it. If you have a nice recipe, please share!

Salted caramel chocolate chips

Last night we went to a local place called Tabiet. We've never been there, so we didn't know what to expect. It was nice, but nothing too special. The menu was huge! We shared a salad and mushrooms with cheese and then boyfriend had a Chicken Kiev, while I had Chicken with Broccoli and Spinach, with Zucchini Puree on the side. Both mine and boyfriend's chicken was a bit dry, but the Zucchini Puree was amazing! I've never even thought of such thing, since zucchinis have quite some water in them, but this was really, really good. I'll definitely try to find a good recipe and make it at home too.

Dinner at Tabiet restaurant, Sofia

Dinner at Tabiet restaurant, Sofia

Hope everyone is having a lovely day! I am now off to clean the apartment and get ready for my niece's arrival.

(Photos: Iva Yaneva)

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