Friday, October 5, 2012

It's Fall

It's Friday! Wohoo!! I know I don't have a Monday - Friday job but the weekend really is the time for me to socialize and I am always looking forward to that. It's strange because I am someone who appreciates having space and time for themselves but having lived all alone for a few years now I feel like I could use some more time with people.

On my way to the office yesterday.
 Today I have a job interview for an art gallery! It's my first real one ever and I'm both nervous and excited. Wish me luck?

At the office.

The time to have warm tea with friends all wrapped up in a scarf is finally here. Ah, so cozy!

I'll be posting the outfit I picked for the interview later.

What are your plans for the weekend? Going out tonight?

(Photos: Iva Yaneva)


281401 said...

lovely pictures! I didn´t know that Bulgaria is such a wonderful place! How was your interview? Good, for sure ;> Enjoy your weekend!

iva yaneva said...

Oh, it's much more beautiful than you see in my pictures, that's for sure :) xo

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