Monday, October 1, 2012


Lunch at Lavanda, Sofia

Am I the only one who doesn't love Sundays? On Saturday you have the whole weekend ahead of you and there are so many things you can do. But on Sunday, it's almost over and you are left with so little time to do all the things you planned.

Pretty details at Lavanda, Sofia

Boyfriend and I are always looking for cool new cafes and restaurants to visit on weekends. My love for interior design and our shared love for (healthy) food meet. This time we went to a newly opened restaurant called Lavanda. It is so new that there weren't even any signs. We first though this might be on purpose, but considering the place was empty, we agreed they should correct that mistake as soon as possible. For those of you who wonder, the place is on top of One More Bar, the entrance is through the garden, at the back of the building.

Bread basket at Lavanda, Sofia
Boyfriend having a Caesar salad at Lavanda, Sofia

Their Caesar salad is called "The Best Caesar Salad", haha. Well, I don't know about "the best" but it was pretty good. There was a generous amount of dressing, which I like and the size was huge!

Tapas at Lavanda, Sofia

We ordered some tapas that we both thought missed some spread, like hummus or something.

Design by KuMar Office

The interior is by KuMar Office, so needless to say it was lovely.

 Delicious ribs at Lavanda, Sofia

Boyfriend ordered ribs that came on top of mashed potatoes. Well, they were divine. I don't know how they made them so delicate and juicy but they really did a great job! We have an excellent ribs recipe that we put to good use every week, so our expectations are pretty high and we've always been disappointed when ordering it at restaurants. But these were really, really good.

Salmon with Caesar salad at Lavanda, Sofia

I had salmon with Caesar salad (I can't miss my favourite salad) as a side. I wanted to order the salad separately and get the fish with pasta, but they didn't have any pasta, so the waiter recommended I got it as a side, since the portions were pretty big. We've been known to wow waitresses with the amount of food we can eat but we did not expect so much food! The portions really are huge - I ate just my main course and I could barely finish it.

Pretty details at Lavanda, Sofia

The check was pretty cute, brought along with some dessert in little bowls that I have at home, ha!

Pretty details at Lavanda, Sofia

After that we went to get some ice-cream and I got some flowers from a lovely old lady, who was selling them on the street. I now have two lovely bouquets to brighten up my apartment. Best spent $1 ever!

Salted caramel ice-cream from Confetti Gelateria

Shirt: Koton (I think), Jeans: Fox; Shoes: Zara; Bag: Six; Sunglasses: ASOS

My day also included 1 1/2 hours of yoga and a movie. We went to see Dredd 3D with a couple of friends. It wasn't the best movie, extremely graphic and violent (although well made). Two people against a whole city and guess who wins?
I wanted to see Savages but I guess next time. Has anyone seen it already? Is it good?

Beautiful graffiti on Shishman Str. by transformatori

Well, that's about it. Did you have fun during the weekend?

(Photos: Iva Yaneva)

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the second picture is a radiograph of my broken nose :D It was an accident two weeks ago.

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